The Grace Jar #6

The truth startled me--I thought perhaps I had a person or two who I'd let slip under the "unforgiveness" rug. Instead, as I allowed the Lord's Spirit to remind me, the list became almost endless.

I'm not talking about the kind of grievances that stand out as significant moments--we all have those and, quite honestly, I find they can be easier to identify and, therefore, take to God. What I am writing about here are the "little things."

A word spoken that cut to the core but that I chose to let pass over.

A look ...

An email ...

An unkept promise ...

A shrug that meant nothing more than a shrug but I took it as meaning a whole lot more.

What if I made a list of the little things ...

"As long as you don't keep the list …"

I only want to mull over it ...

"As long as you don't dwell on it."

Well, isn't that the rub? Has my Grace Jar become depleted because I have allowed the small infractions against my person to fill the places where grace once reigned?

I have. I can tell you … I have.

Yes, there are significant grievances I have to bear against others, but that doesn't give me a "pass" card to harbor anger, resentment, or unforgiveness. And yet those things I find easier to bring to God, even when I do not fully let go of them, some which you would tell me I have a human right to hold on to.

But, those little things are sucking the life out of my Grace Jar. So, I have decided to write them down as they come to mind. Then, having acknowledged them, choose to forgive them. Clearly, I have forgotten them … but I have not forgiven them.

Jesus did not ask us to forget until we have forgiven.

Forgive others as your Father in heaven has forgiven you.

Oh, Lord ...

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