You Have Only to Listen ...

God has sent the Spirit of truth, he dwells in your heart. You have only to listen, to follow, and he will lead you to the complete truth. He leads through all the events, all the circumstances of your life. Nothing in your life is so insignificant, so small, that God cannot be found at its centre ...

… There is no limit to the ways in which God may make

himself known. At every turn of our lives there can be a meeting place with God. How our hearts should sing with joy and thanksgiving! ~~Mother Frances Dominica

Who is Mother Frances Dominica? She was born on the 21st day of December, 1942 in Inverness, Scotland … reared in Edinburgh. David, her younger brother, was born with only one lung. She visited him often at the hospital, which may have led to her decision to become a pediatric nurse.

Although her grandfather was a Presbyterian elder, by the age of 35, Frances had joined the All Saints Sisters of the Poor, become novice mistress, and then mother superior.

She founded two hospices for the seriously ill--Helen House (a children's hospice) and Douglas House (for those ages 16-40 with life-shortening conditions).

You will find the living God in the pages of the Bible, she wrote. You will also find him exactly where you are.

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