Are You Still Moving?

A friend of mine (writer Jan Powell) sent me a little encouragement today. Every few days, she sends out these lovely little one-liners, meant to keep writer-people like me doing what we supposedly do best--write.

I appreciate these one-liners, but today's made me pause because of the sweetness of truth therein. After reading, I was reminded about the baby turtles I saw "tracking" toward the ocean a few years ago while I took my morning stroll along the beach. Such struggle! Such energy needed to accomplish the deed! I wondered why the turtle experts who stood nearby overseeing the moment didn't just pick them up, walk them out, and set them free in the water.

But no. That would never do! They explained to me that the tracking the babies do now lays the road map for the trip they'll take again twenty years from now, but in reverse. These babies, should they survive, will return to lay eggs near the place they were hatched.

The struggle is necessary. Walking the path means creating the road map. Nothing wrong with that.

But what must never be is seeing the road ahead ... seeing the ocean ... and stopping, waiting for someone to come along to pick us up. (I'm not talking about the Footprints in the Sand thing... I'm talking about giving up the dream ... the walk ... the call.)

Walking our path is necessary. The struggle is real, yes, but look what we gain! We reach home, or the goal, or the end of that thing we hoped to accomplish (such as the turtle reaches the ocean). How fast or how quickly we make it isn't the issue. Making it is the issue. And when we do, we can smile and say, "I did it. I may have been slow, but I never stopped."

Nothing wrong with being a turtle. Nothing wrong at all.

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