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It's been awhile, I admit, since I reported to you about anything worthwhile to watch on Netflix. NOT because there's been little good to watch, but because I've had little time to watch all the good shows and films on Netflix.

But I must tell you about this one: Marie's Story.

First, the published plot synopsis: At the turn of the 19th century, a humble artisan and his wife have a daughter, Marie, who is born deaf and blind and unable to communicate with the world around her. Desperate to find a connection to their daughter and avoid sending her to an asylum, the Heurtins send fourteen-year-old Marie to the Larnay Institute in central France, where an order of Catholic nuns manage a school for deaf girls. There, the idealistic Sister Marguerite sees in Marie a unique potential, and despite her Mother Superior's skepticism, vows to bring the wild young thing out of the darkness into which she was born. Based on true events, Marie's Story recounts the courageous journey of a young nun and the lives she would change forever, confronting failures and discouragement with joyous faith and love.

My Review: In spite of the language being in French (and the fact that I might remember two or three phrases of the language from my high school days), and that as an English-speaking viewer I had to read the subtitles, I don't think I remembered to breathe until the movie was done. Not only because it is based on a true story, but because it helped me to, once again, see the beauty in all of God's creations, whether deemed perfect or not. Additionally, the film was exquisitely done, captured in such a way as to allow the viewer to see the harsh realities of stepping out a comfort zone to help another human being.

That said, this is also a story of staying true to what God has called you to do.

I highly recommend watching "Marie's Story."

(You can view the trailer by clicking on the link in the title.)

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