A Tribute to Innocence

Several years ago my husband and I said "goodbye" to two of our dearest friends. Many Friday evenings were spent on their back patio looking out over this lake or standing on the edge of the water and throwing a ball for their dog. Judah ran down the length of the pier, rounded the corner on the dock, and sprang into the water after it. During one such moment, I happened to press the button on the camera at the exact right time.

I will remember this night forever. It changed our lives in more ways than I can write or talk about. The date was August 14, 2010 and, though Kathleen and Royce Jackson moved (and we ended up renting their home for over 5 years) shortly after, our friendship will always be among those most precious in my lifetime.

The day after this photo was taken, everything in our world would change. We didn't know it then as we lazily threw a ball into Lake Kathryn. We had no way of knowing. But we know it now. And that is why we hold on to memories such as these.

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