Day 13: "I've been busy, okay?"

November 13, 2015


Okay, so for the last few days I haven't blogged about my journey into NaNoWriMo ... about my 1,000 word a day goal ... about getting this novella (which I'm really starting to love) finished by December 1, which is the due date. 


I've been busy.


There's a lot to research when it comes to Dickens. There's also a lot to learn about Christmas caroling, past and present, not to mention the songs we sing as we do so.


(And, I'll admit it ... I often find myself getting lost in the music. I adore this time of year and all the songs that come from it, both secular and religious.)


I'm a tad behind on word count. By the end of yesterday I should have had 12,000 words written. I have 11,076 (so sue me ...). 


Today, I'm going to try to watch a version of A Christmas Carol, which is not what my story is based on, but a thread within the story. I'm also meeting with my critique partner, Sandra Bricker (best-selling author) who volunteered to read this as I wrote. Ah ... good friends!!


I'm getting back to it now. 


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