Spontaneous Creativity Time!

I'm trying my hand at spontaneous creativity again! Want to join me?

Here's how it works: Take a look at this painting (Caspar David Friedrich, Woman at Window), then write a 100 - 150 word story to go with it. You'll see mine beneath it.

Join in on the fun ... and by the end of the week, I'll reward the most creative writer with a gift card from Amazon.

Relegated. That's what she was. Relegated to stand here. Here at this window. Look out, yes. Look out and see the sea. Listen to the gulls. The clanging of the bells, the cursing of the sailors. Inhale the salt and the fish, so thick she could taste it on her tongue. But touch it? No. Her fingertips would touch only the rough wood of the window, aged by wind and water. And why? Because she had been relegated. Relegated to stand here. Here at the window. Copyright: Eva Marie Everson

Your turn!

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