A New Year ... A New Blogsite ... a New Contest

This coming year will be special for me.

1. Florida Christian Writers Conference will have its third year under the auspices of Word Weavers International. This means we not only made it past the stress of the first year, and the "fluke" of making it through the second time ... we have actually lived to sign folks up for the third year. I'm fairly stoked about it, too. We've got a great lineup of faculty members and already I get the sense that our conferees are going to have a blast. (For more info, go to www.FloridaCWC.net)


2. In June my upcoming novel, Five Brides, releases. After chasing this story, based on a true event, for (literally) years, I cannot begin to tell you how good it will feel to see it on the shelves.

3. In July our oldest child, his beautiful wife, and two of the greatest grandchildren in the world will move to FLORDA from NEW YORK. (And, in case you didn't know it, FLORIDA is where the "huggy hubby" and I live. We are beyond excited!)

4. Right now, as the year makes its appearance, I'm also kinda stoked about this new blogsite. This year I'll feature more contests, trivia about love, engagements, weddings, and marriage ... all leading up and celebrating Five Brides.

5. Stay tuned. This weekend I'll post the first of the contests. Even non-writers should enter. It's just ... fun.

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