The Healing Trip, Part 17

(From my journal dated Sunday August 4, 2019) I am so grateful Jessica was here yesterday. Not only because she was able to spend time with her uncle, but because of what happened on the way back to Sylvania, shortly after we left the hospital. We were barely out of Savannah when my whole body began to shake. Quiver, seemingly from the inside out. Even though I was talking to Jessica and she appeared to understand, nothing I said made much sense to me. I had not had a seizure in years, but the sense of one coming on was as familiar to me as that sinking feeling one gets when they are suddenly hungry. Although I'd nearly been stripped of the ability to have two coherent thoughts over the past

The Healing Trip Part 16

(From my journal, dated Friday, August 2, 2019) My brother sleeps. This means the pain, although not out of his body, is out of his mind. He sleeps and his hands move as though he is eating a sandwich. Or working on something intricate. I watch him, noting every detail until I cannot bear it another minute and so I walk out of the room, quietly so as not to disturb him. As soon as I come around the corner of the nurses’ station, I see two of my angels—Carla and Jo Beth—walking shoulder to shoulder, smiling when they see me. They carry cups of Dunkin Donuts coffee and a box of Dunkin donuts. I smile at that. They have come to bring not only life’s necessary sustenance, they have brought donut

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