So What Do You Do All Day? (Week 1)

I'm often asked what I do all day, as if as a writer I couldn't possibly fill enough hours to call a five-day span a "work week." Of course, then, in the next breath, I hear "How do you do everything you do?" Sometimes I wish the two rules of thumb about my work life would join forces and give me a little credit/take away a little credit. Do I work a lot? Yes. And I love it. (Most of the time.) Do I get to make my own hours? Yes. (Both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I don't know when to quit.) This past week I started keeping up with a few of my tasks--and the hats I wear while doing them. So if you really want to know ... #1: The writer hat. I'm working on a Christmas novella right now,

Twenty-seven Days to Sensational

About fourteen months ago, I announced that I had a little more than a year before my 60th birthday. I declared I'd be SENSATIONAL BY SIXTY. I also stated that I had certain accomplishments I hoped to achieve. One of the first things I did was begin walking a designed program. To walk sixty miles a month (on average), I figured, I would need to walk about 2.5 miles most days of the week. I knew better than to start out there. I'd been an inside walker for years (the treadmill ... ) but hadn't done a serious outside walking program for the longest of times. Now, with my new plan, I knew I needed accountability. That's when I noticed my new neighbor (we'd recently moved) walked every day. So,

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