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Some days, we need to be reminded. Some days, we need to choose. Some days, maybe even most days, we remind ourselves to choose. This day--THIS DAY--will be a good day.

Meet the Characters: Maeve and Claudette

Have you ever felt like you were "less than" those around you? Possibly even a best friend ... or two? When I created the protagonist for my novel The One True Love of Alice-Ann, I knew I'd need a friend (or two) to help Alice-Ann express her "less than" complex. For sixteen-year-old Alice-Ann, life's unfair hand dealt to her is not just that her brother is the cute one ... the funny one ... the one with the new bride who is--wouldn't you know it--beautiful as well. So I created Maeve and Claudette. Together with Alice-Ann, they enjoy the friendship so typical of girls in the early 1940s. Like Alice-Ann, Maeve and Claudette grow up rather quickly, thanks in part to the war. But in spite of b

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