Spontaneous Creativity: The Blue Hour

Jon Boe Paulsen: The Blue Hour Eva Marie Everson Spontaneous Creativity: She sat and waited--day in, day out--for the hour to come. That sweep of time within the day when the world turned blue and her senses were ignited. She poised herself by the window, face turned toward where the sun would soon peek from over the horizon, rising finally as she had hours before. She waited, cup of tea beside her, typewriter waiting, half-eaten croissant nearby. And then the Blue Hour came and she worked, all creation flowing through her, tickling her senses, raising her awareness. Then, when the sheer white curtains billowed and the sunlight spilled over her words, she stopped. Paused again to look up. T

Netflix News: Pal Joey

1957. What a great year. Elvis Presley appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, Wham-O produced the first Frisbee, American Bandstand joined the ABC Television Network and ... well ... I came into the world. On Sunday (as I often do after church), I turned on Netflix in search of a classic. Pal Joey, released in 1957, came up on my screen and I jumped. Why wouldn't I? The movie stars Frank Sinatra (who I could listen to sing from now until ...), Rita Hayworth (who, even nearing 40--which in Hollywood, in those days, could have been close to elderly as 60--looks amazingly glamourous), and a beguiling 24-year-old rising star, Kim Novak. Pal Joey is all about nightclubs and romance and glitz. Old Blue

Day 13: "I've been busy, okay?"

Okay, so for the last few days I haven't blogged about my journey into NaNoWriMo ... about my 1,000 word a day goal ... about getting this novella (which I'm really starting to love) finished by December 1, which is the due date. I've been busy. There's a lot to research when it comes to Dickens. There's also a lot to learn about Christmas caroling, past and present, not to mention the songs we sing as we do so. (And, I'll admit it ... I often find myself getting lost in the music. I adore this time of year and all the songs that come from it, both secular and religious.) I'm a tad behind on word count. By the end of yesterday I should have had 12,000 words written. I have 11,076 (so sue me

Day 6: 1004 Words

I almost laughed out loud today when I went to check the number of words I'd written. One thousand and four. Four words over my goal. But, for someone who is accustomed to writing (on average) 3,000 words a day ... that was a tad disappointing. However, I spent time today "creating" location. For example, I needed to "see" the living room where Charlie (my protag) and her grandmother (called "Sis") had a post-Thanksgiving conversation. Check this out. Don't you love it?

Day 4: What The Dickens ...

The book I'm currently writing for Abingdon Publishing is a Christmas novella. I've wanted, for years, to write a Christmas novella. Yay! This book has to have an element of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. It is not to be a retelling of the story, but rather have the story as a thread woven into its fabric. I thought I knew the story. Scrooge. Christmas. Ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. Bah-humbug. Tiny Tim. Wait. Wasn't he a singer in the 70s? As any good writer, I've begun the research process only to discover I don't know dickens about Dickens' 1843 tale. But, I'm learning ... Did you know that Charles Dickens wrote his story, in part, as a reflection of his own childho


What in the world, you may be asking, is Nanowrimo? Most of us in the publishing world know ... Na= National No=Novel Wri=Writing Mo=Month. Every year, thousands sign up, committing themselves to write a first draft novel. This means it's not quite ready for publication, but all the bones of the story have been set in place. I did this one year. And only one year. The best made plans of this mouse ... But this year, I'm back in the game. I have to be; I have a novel (novella) due at the beginning of next month. Today is November 3, which means I have 27 days to write 30,000 words of my very first Christmas novella. Now, I'm going to be upfront with you--I've already written 4,166 words. But,

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