Where Do Ideas Come From?

I was the telephone guest at a book club last night. They called my cell around 7:30 and for the next hour they asked me questions about the book they'd read and about the writing life. One of the questions, which I often hear, was, "Where do your ideas come from?" I chuckled a little as I thought (the chuckling is a good way to stall for time while you think of the answer). "There's no 'one' answer," I told them. "Each book is different." This is true. Five Brides came from a conversation I had with my good and dear friend Sharon Decker. "Eva, I've got a story you have to hear ..." Most of the time, I listen, but the truth is, I have enough ideas bouncing around in this head of mine. I don'

How Well Do You "Speak Southern"?

I took a trip "up north" recently (twice, in fact). As soon as I stepped off the plane, I stepped into a little shop to make a purchase for an elderly friend of mine. "Do y'all have postcards?" I asked. The woman smiled and said, "We sure do," as she pointed to a back corner. I turned the rack, picked the Philadelphia postcard I thought my friend would appreciate, and walked over to the counter. "Where are you from?" the woman asked me. I told her that I have lived in Orlando for the past 20+ years but that I'm originally from Georgia. "Why do you ask?" Then it dawned on me. "Oh, you heard my drawl?" She smiled and said, "That and you did say 'y'all.'" As she rang up my purchase, she added,

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