I am an editor and coach.



It's your baby and you want it to be at its best before an acquisitons editor sees it. I understand; I'm a writer, too.


I am here to help you, whether you want an entire 100k manuscript edited, an article, a proposal written or just a read-through. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the publishing industry and vow to give you my best advice based on that experience.


My services are not based on word count or page numbers but on time. Yours and mine. I've found that some work takes less time than others. This depends on where you are in your writing journey and is, in no way, reflective of your abilities and talents. 


Price Scale: 

Short Project: $50/hour  

Long Project: $45/hour

Conference Price: $40/hour

Manuscript Eval (with comments & report): $500 -$1000 

Writing Coach Services: $1200/10 weeks (contact us at email below for more information) Conference price: $1050


Individual Lessons (One-hour lessons on specifics, such as dialogue, POV, Deep POV, character arc, writing out of the senses): $40/hour





Pen In Hand not only polished my manuscript, preparing it for publishers and agents, the editing process taught me how to write for today's market.  ~~ Andy Lee


Eva Marie Everson has become my editor, my coach, and my friend. I could have searched the world over and couldn't have found better, because there is no better.
She took me--a story teller--and turned me in to a writer. She is master of words and technique. No one has a better understanding of what a new writer needs.  ~~Merlyn Marriott


I was looking for help to write a special story close to my heart. Because of Pen In Hand Editing, a new chapter in my life has begun. ~~ LeeAnn Jefferies

I wrote a story for a contest, but didn't even make honorable mention.  Refusing to give up, I  submitted it to Eva Marie Everson.  After an hour or so of her editing, it looked like a winner to me.  I entered it into another contest, and I am pleased to say I have just won 3rd place. Thanks for your help, Eva.  Judy Harte


This experience has been awesome and worth every penny. ~~Donald Palmer


Eva Marie's editing—insightful, clear, encouraging—inspired me. To be a better writer. To tell a better story. I am forever grateful. I could hardly wait for the edits to come. It was like Christmas!  ~~ Sheila Welch